Private Residence

This week we have been working on a project for a client who has recently moved here from New York. She had grown up here in Utah but had been living on the East Coast for several years before deciding to move back to be with family and begin creating her dream home. Her style is refined and sophisticated. She loves the Art Deco look with sloping lines and smooth surfaces with a modern twist. This is how her Living Room and Informal Dining Area will lay out:

Floor Plan

Living Room Perspective

Living Room Furniture Selections

The rug is designed by Thomas O'Brien and brings a warmth that contrasts the cooler tones of the stone fireplace. The artwork that measures at 83 inches high plays up the scale of the room which has vaulted ceilings as well as the oversized studio floor lamp that reaches 122 inches high. The stone top coffee table plays off of the cool tones of the fireplace and adds curvature to the room

. Informal Dining Room Perspective

Dining Room Furniture Selections This beautiful rug adds color to the room and also incorporates the gold tones introduced in the Living Room. The rich walnut dining table is very sleek and will extend for additional chairs. The host and hostess chairs have a slight wing to differentiate them from the side chairs, both of which have the Art Deco sloping arm. The chest near the stairway is made from a beautiful ebony with a gold inlay.