Private Residence Dining Room

Occasionally we will come across a fabric that we just hold on to until the right client comes along.  It's usually something a little more outlandish, colorful, gutsy and designer than the average Jane would go for but luckily a cute Arizonian came into my life that was born to live with this particular fabric!  Possibly my favorite fabric!  It has everything!  A sorbet of colors that is almost eatable every time I pull it out! As we began to design her family's dining room, it became our window treatments so all could enjoy it top to bottom all day long!
Sadly one of our favorite collections was discontinued BUT we were able to snag the last few dining tables and chairs that they had!  We used the Lily Dining Table in the space with these cutie pie chairs upholstered in a gradient green striped velvet! Sad for the rest of the world, but very exciting for Mrs. Sparks!
This birdy duo from Natural Curiosities sings my heart song!  The colors are perfect and the subject matter is young and playful just like our client's family!
This room has not been completely installed yet but as soon as it does, the world will be a more beautiful place and all who enter will stay for awhile....amidst the fabric that started it all!  Enjoy!