Private Residence Dining Room - Before and After

As fall tempts us with its metamorphic mountains and brisk morning air I can’t help but crave the holidays!  I am a girl of seasons and anticipate the upcoming events far before they happen which is why I’d like to talk with you about Dining Rooms, home of fabulous food and family!  Specifically giving your current dining room a facelift before the holidays land in your lap!  


We just finished up a dining room remodel and I was amazed at what a little paint, reupholstery and lighting did for this once very dark and closed in space!  I present to you a very dramatic “Before” and “After”!

When we walked into this dining room initially, there was a large disconnect with the homeowner and the space!  She is all things charming and gracious and the space she entertained in so often didn’t reflect any of these traits!   The existing dining chairs were beautifully crafted and just needed some new skin.  The dining table was the perfect size but the design was ho-hum, nothing that couldn’t be dressed up and the lighting just wasn’t special enough for this jewel box!  So we rolled up our sleeves and got to work!  The cranberry paint color on the walls was a big factor in how the room felt and was replaced with a watery color that brought the temperature down.  Immediately the space was more relaxed and approachable…..just like our client!  As many of you know, we start from the ground up when designing a space which leads me to our rug!  The rug that was in the space before wasn’t broken but was not an ideal size nor color for this square room.  We opted with custom sisal with a diamond design and metallic binding.  Again, the natural fibers and the non-descript color was exactly what the space needed especially when we combined it with the aqua and red table covering our client picked up in Turkey.

The sconces were designed by Suzanne Kasler (a personal hero) and are such a necessary detail the room didn’t have before!  When lit they look like diamonds in the sky!  And the chandelier is a gold leafed flower of a thing that gives back a lot of whimsy to the dining room!

The dining chair upholstery needed to be something that was interesting, textural and gorgeous of course!  This faux bois number was just the ticket ad gave such an update to these very traditional chairs!

Everybody, go right now and look in your cupboards and unveil your favorite china, pewter, candlesticks, whatever it is!  Display it!  Nobody hides Baby in the corner and you shouldn’t hide your favorite things behind closed doors!  Our beautiful client had so much fabulousness tucked away in her cupboards and we found it blasphemous NOT to display it for the world to see!  (We added the crystal ooey gooey candlesticks to add some glam to the arrangement but other than that,these were all things in her house!)

- Suzanne