Private Residence - Living Room

Jessica and I have been so excited to share this before and after project with you! It truly shows you how an existing space can have a dramatically different look and feel with a little finesse. When we first walked into this established estate, impressed as we were, it did not exactly reflect our client's free-spirited personality! She and her husband travel often and have the most extensive art collection! Each object has an adventure associated with it and we felt so privileged to be welcomed in and asked to reinvent the space!

The initial request was to open things up and lighten things up! A common request nowadays but for this particular client we knew it had to be spirited, traveled and have integrity with the very European exterior.

To begin, we took everything out of the space and stared at the shell of the room. It was beautiful and grand and didn't require much improvement aside from new carpet. After the carpet was installed we rearranged the furniture to create a more open space plan. The second you enter a room, you should know exactly where you are, what the purpose the room is and what the personality is going to be! This was a music room for concerts, a living room for visiting, and a study.

Our clients existing rug was a silk hand-knotted rug from India. We fell in love the moment we laid eyes on each other and were so excited to try and give it a fresh breath of life. It wasn't nearly large enough to use by itself but when layered with a striped sisal, was absolutely perfect! We relocated the piano so we could nest and ottoman for additional seating and changed the orientation of the sofa to open the space and allow the eye to travel up and admire the fireplace and amazing painting that crowns the room. One of our favorite features in the space is the high coffee table used as a study table! We layered their books and albums atop so that they and their guests can stop and take a gander at some of the places they've been and love. Sitting up to the table is Suzanne Kasler's iconic quatrefoil chair in a blue and gold faux bois as well as two caramel colored leather ottomans. We can just imagine a game being played here with grandchildren or an evolving puzzle that you can return to again and again! I could go on and on, but I will let you look and discover and find where your favorite seat would be in this little living room!

- Suzanne