Private Residence - Master Bedroom

It seems like the Master Bedroom is always the last room in the home to be finished. Most often this is because this room is tucked away where guests can’t sneak a peek. At Alice Lane, however, we believe this should be the first room you dive into! Your room is the first place you see when you wake up, and the last place you see before you close your eyes at night- it’s your shelter from the rest of your crazy, chaotic life, and should be as serene and comfortable as possible—and gorgeous, of course!

When we visited with our adorable young clients, we were inspired by the sounds of music, giggles of young children, and the pattering of little feet that echoed through their house. We felt the love that filled their home and wanted to carry that warm feeling in our design.


Our rug – oh, our rug! This is what began our beautiful story. Its luxurious texture and calming circular shapes were just the ticket to start our scenic tale. Its warm hues and peaceful palette really embodied the warm-hearted feeling we were after.

Instead of placing a typical bench at the foot of the bed, we decided to place a cozy, tufted settee. Not only does this look beautiful, but it’s also a cozy little spot for a sick child who’s having a rough night (or a great launching spot for the wee ones to dive into Mom and Dad’s bed on Saturday mornings!).

 Across from the settee sits the fireplace and a set of His-and-Her chairs. We did His chair in a cozy gray and white ticking stripe, and Hers – well, where do I begin? The custom gray and white toile upholstery just melts into the hand-carved frame with delicate gold detailing- it’s a truly feminine chair! This is surely a spot where our young family will enjoy cuddling and reading bedtime fairytales by the fire.

 Above the fireplace, we nestled a silver leaf Portuguese starburst mirror. The mixture of the soft metallic frame and antique mirror has a celestial quality. Who wouldn’t want to wake up to this every morning?!

Every room needs a little something to loosen it up. For this space we decided to sprinkle pearly white Carnation platters in the corner. Their organic shapes break up all of the linear lines in the room and give a sculptural, relaxed quality to a bare corner. The platters almost look as though they could float away!

My advice to you is this: don’t save your Master Bedroom for last- just dive into it! You need a refuge where you can escape your crazy and chaotic day, where you can breathe deep and relax. Most importantly, you need a space that inspires you, where you can’t wait to wake up and start your day!


- Christy

 [photos by Meikel Reece]