Private Residence: Playroom

We went back in time to design this gem of a playroom. Our ideas started with the glorious 19th century river boat that Walt Disney created for his Mark Twain ride. The railings were charming, gingerbread moldings perfect, and is an enchanting space for both children and adults. We wanted to go back in time, where play was as much about the elegance of the space and imagination as it was the toys inside it. We admired the meticulous craftsmanship of Disney's boat, and wanted the same touches to exist in this space.

We started with making the playroom as open as possible. We worked with the client, and designed the playroom in "zones" to make the space functional for different activities children would love to do. While working on site with the finish working on site with the finish workers we detailed out many studies and sketches for how this room would become magical.

Walking up the stairs to the upper level of the playroom you will find yourself surrounded with a charming balustrade echoing that of the Mark Twain ship. On the upper landing is a small Cape Cod style playhouse, complete with kitchen and dress up area. A splash of bright paint gives this playhouse the charm it deserves.

Across the upper landing there is a slide tucked behind the walls, that twirls you around and drops you off in front of the window seat below. Flanked with books and a swing arm sconce, the window seat becomes the perfect cozy nook for reading a book.

Across from the window seat is a quaint custom upholstered daybed. The kids can pile on to watch a movie, or tuck in with a blanket for a sleepover.

The room wouldn't be complete without an art center, full of built-in cubbies for supplies and a magnetic chalkboard, making this truly an enchanted playroom.

- Suzanne & Natalie