Rules of Scale: Sofa Throw Pillows

Nothing will cheapen the look of your sofa more than a dinky set of under-scaled throw pillows. It's a common faux pas, but hopefully with a little help from us it will be a mistake you never make! The thing is...people like pillows. And while you might think you're packing in more comfort by using half a dozen small pillows, you're actually taking up valuable real-estate and making your sofa look smaller than it really is. Alice Lane Home_Rules of Scale_Sofa Pillows

To make your sofa look softer, generous and more gracious, follow these 3 simple rules of thumb to achieve the right scale of pillows on your sofa:

1. Go big! Avoid using too many small pillows and instead use fewer larger pillows that will fill up the space but keep things from looking cluttered.

2. Layer larger pillows in the back. Using a 22" to 26" pillow will really help to fill in the gaps and add plenty of comfort. You might even catch us throwing in a Euro now and again!

3. Stack a smaller pillow in the front. When we say smaller, we really mean about 20" or larger. By stacking a smaller pillow in front of your large pillow you're also adding dimension on top of comfort. A perfect combination.

Alice Lane Home_Rules of Scale_Sofa Throw Pillows

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