Rural Chic

When it came time to design a new living space for our creative, world-traveling clients, we came up with one goal: to create environments that promote creation.

Here, Suzanne Hall—our VP of Design—shares why she thinks this home stands out.

Q: What makes the space special? 

Sue: The transformation that this house made from where it started!  When we were approached to design the space, the entire home was livable. That said, it wasn’t inspiring and that’s was what we were able to do—create environments that promote creation.

Q: Why did you love working with this particular client?

Sue: Each family member creates!  The homeowners own a skin care line and run a major tech company all while their children craft, code and invent. They're all brilliant, not to mention so very trusting. 

Q: What did this home design project entail?

Sue: We took an average home in a great location and transformed its interior into a space the family could settle into until their next stage in life.  They wanted a place where they could entertain and enjoy extended family and friends—both inside where they love to cook and outside where they enjoy the rural landscape and pool.

We gutted the kitchen and repurposed the cabinetry to the new basement kitchenette.

We also completely redesigned the location of the main level kitchen to make it more central for entertaining.  The entire home was and continues to be improved.

Q: What are your favorite parts of the home? 

Sue: Where do I even begin?!

The Living Room/Study. It's such a smart space where conversations, games and learning happen so organically.  

The art. I love the art in this home and feel like we were able to curate such interesting galleries with pieces that had been in the family's collection along with several new, inspiring pieces. I particularly loved the bugs that the homeowner's father, a geologist, had collected.  It’s such a personal conversation piece in the study!

The Kitchen. I love that we did something that not many would attempt—we centered the range in front of the windows that look out to the generous backyard and pool. No matter what the homeowners are doing in the kitchen, they have a full view of where their kids are and I love that transparency.