Show n' Tell - Jessica's Bedroom

My bedroom - It is the room that I use the most. Somedays I get home when everyone is in bed. When I creep up the stairs in my heels with tired legs and open the door - this is what I see.

Pulling your Master Bedroom together is like designing for your soul. What speaks to you (and your spouse) - not what's popular or trendy. What makes you want to melt in ultimate comfort and peace. You should wake up in this perfect little cocoon and fall asleep each night there.

Our Master Bedroom is the first room I did in the house. I needed to be comfortable and at peace with my surroundings before I fell asleep at night, and to be able to wake up the same way. This has been a gift in my life. Everyone should get to experience their own heaven on earth in their room - Whatever that is to you. You should attain it, on any level. Your personal space should be a great beginning and end to EVERY day.

People always put themselves last. The Master Bedroom is usually at the bottom of their list. It's a sin! How can you start each day feeling great about whatever is about to challenge you?

My room is a story of natural fabrics and fibers. Linen sheets, feather down inserts, cotton percale duvet cover, silk shams, hair-on-hide and leather pillows on the lounge chairs - The colors are all natural. Slight variations in tone. And a few shimmery metals to add sophistication.

I won't make my bed on Sundays - that gives me permission at anytime of the day to get back in it!

I need to say for the record, this is a home that we have been renting for the past 3 years while we've been busy building our business. So, it's not MY home. But it feels like it now. We should all make ourselves comfortable wherever we may be. Temporary or not. There are enough things that make us uncomfortable out there. Our home shouldn't be one of those things.

- Jessica

[photos by Nicole Hill Gerulat]