Show n' Tell - Jessica's Home

I've read somewhere that the Entry is like the appetizer for your home. It gives you a sampling of what's to come... This is my entry. Sparkle and shine, angels and mohair - pear and metallic finishes and a little pop of color to keep it from getting too serious!

Here's a little more detail - and why. A mirrored console is always a good trick. Mirror gets along with everything, because it reflects it's surroundings. I nested a mohair ottoman below it. Low in contrast to keep the eye from stopping and brings a little warmth and texture. At the center of it all is Isabella, by James Christensen. I love just about any winged figure - it is angelic. She is peaceful and brings a reverence. Isabella is a patron of artists - allowing them to paint with encouragement and love of their art. The wings were painted on her because she served as such an inspiration to his (James Christensen) calling as an artist. I have always loved the arts. I majored in them. And knew from when I was a young girl that I wanted to be an artist. So with that - I had to bring Isabella home to watch over my entry. All the other details speak to the art. The lamps have a layered feathery texture - the carved finial also has a repeated feathery motif. And of course the carved wings that hang above Isabella.

I have a staircase that feeds to the upstairs opposite the entry. On the other side of the staircase is a keeping room where we gather for conversations while meals are being prepared. It's a catch-all for all our comings and goings. A quick place to land and pull on our shoes, read a magazine, talk on the phone or entertain a neighbor that stops by for longer than a minute. It's easily one of my favorite spots in the house. What makes it my favorite? - The graceful linen loveseat. - Oversized detailed silver floor lamp. -Hand-knotted Martha Stewart Liana rug. - Carnation wall sculptures.

Across from the loveseat is this contemporary Asian Chest. It's a great secondary surface just off the kitchen - where we can set up a dessert buffet if we are entertaining. The original oil painting is by Chelsea James.

The kitchen table has been with me for over ten years now. It's a robin egg blue french farmhouse table. I've had white linen aprons made to tie on the kitchen chairs - with every intention of having them monogrammed with white thread. Someday I'll get around to that!

This is where we gather, eat, visit, do homework, watch the deer out that side yard window. It's a comfortable spot adjacent the kitchen we can't ever seem to get up from once we sit down.

[photos by Nicole Hill Gerulat]