Show n' Tell - Private Residence - Glamorous but Multi-Functional Dining Room

  One of our favorite clients returned to us with the delightful task of designing her Dining Room. We enthusiastically said, "Yes!" She wanted this space to be multifunctional, where she and her family could entertain, play games, and even tackle homework. "Of course," we thought, "Why shouldn't a dining room be multi-functional?"

As we always do, we began with the rug. Not just any rug - a Thomas O'Brien hand-knotted rug! Its smokey blue color is not only the perfect backdrop for our palette but will also disguise any spills or mishaps that are inevitable with young kids. We also loved the idea of a round table in her space; easy for gathering, playing games, and the shape keeps a loose and casual flow throughout the room.

The thought of mixing a more contemporary table with a traditional chair is never a bad idea! mixing styles and textures will continue to keep the room interesting and alive. .We upholstered this side chair in (my opinion) one of the most breathtaking fabrics I have ever seen! It almost feels like and original Monet - stunning! We then paired these chairs with a duet banquette (It's just fun to say!). This keeps the room grounded and doubles as a soon-to-be favorite spot for the kids.

Along the far back wall we are going to install a smoked mirror from floor to ceiling - our client's brilliant idea! Again, to play with juxtaposition of styles, we wanted to place a more modern piece of art along this smoked mirror. Paule Marrot's, "Lavender," was the absolute compliment.

To give our client storage for her favorite dishes or a spot to store games, we placed an antique grey bar stand in the room. There is no reason a bar stand couldn't double as additional storage. Below this, we nestled the Duvall Ottoman - upholstered in navy velvet and trimmed with antique brass nail heads - you're welcome! Not only is this look stylish and lush, it doubles as an additional seat for your guests. To top off this bar stand,w e positioned a tiny alabaster lamp. Its size is great for a higher surface and adds light to any dim corner. We then layered and organic flow of pearl white carnation platters along this wall to loosen up all those hard lines and adda a bit of whimsy.

This will forever be a space where our client can comfortably entertain, play games, or even do homework with her kids. There is no reason a dining room - or any other room for that matter - shouldn't be multifunctional. Don't be afraid to use your home how you live - you will always receive big rewards in return!

- Christy

P.S. Look for "after" photos to come...