Show n' Tell - Private Residence - Living Room

She is a sophisticated, busy mom who wears many hats. When she finally returns home after an eventful day - all she wants is a little bit of peace and serenity. A spot where she can unwind, cozy up by the fire, put her feet up and visit with her family.

In order to achieve this ultimate comfort, we placed two sofas facing each other - these Thomas O'Brien tufted sofas can do no wrong! A mature placement, yet allows for easy conversation. We then placed an overscaled cocktail ottoman in the middle of the room. This cleverly designed ottoman features a removable wooden tray that is surrounded by a border of luxurious graphite leather. (Yes, style and function can coexist!) We wanted to loosen up the room by placing an unusual chair next to the fireplace. The Maude chair by Oly was the perfect gal for the job! We covered the seat in a silver velvet animal print - just thinking about it makes me smile! No room is complete without layering in a few lamps. Any time you can turn off your overhead lighting and use the quiet light from your table lamps, it will create a sense of calm in your surroundings. So, busy moms, don't be afraid to hang up your many hats at the back door - make a quiet spot in your home where you can unwind, cozy up by the fire, put up your feet and visit with your family.

- Christy