Show n' Tell - Suzanne's Favorite Piece

Show n' Tell is a feature where we want to feature you and your favorite Alice Lane purchases. We encourage you to let us know about your prized pieces with photos and descriptions of why you love them. To get us started, one of our expert designers, Suzanne Hall, is going to share her favorite piece from Alice Lane.

"There is something about the color yellow in February that makes me grin from ear to ear.  You can only imagine my excitement as I packed up my wintery Christmas decor to then unpack a sea of garden colored glass and my very favorite frame from Alice Lane.  I adore its lemon drop graphic and the second I saw it sitting on the beautiful lime washed shelf in my favorite store, I knew it had to keep my lemon drop sofa company. Cheers to the fantastical frame that holds all my favorite memories so beautifully!"

- Suzanne Hall