We're Obsessed with Texture

Textures are imperative to our work. They are the story tellers. An entire room can be pulled together in a simple color palate, with the right depth of character. Each piece must have something unique about it. The textures must talk to each other.

There are plenty of inexpensive answers in furnishing a home. I'm okay with inexpensive, I'm not okay with sacrificing detail and quality. For instance, one of my favorite designer moves is using real hair-on-hide throw pillows. Plenty of people use animal prints that are printed on fabric - but here's what they are missing: the texture, character, depth, quality, authenticity, the store... You get the contrast, and that's it!

Note the photos below: We've grouped texture stories together to give you an idea of how to invite more texture into your home. I want to run my hand over everything!