That Rug Really Tied the Room Together

Dear beautiful online readers, If I could give you one tip, one bit of advice about designing a room, it would be this…..pick your rug first!  Why, you ask?  Because it is the biggest player in a space!  Once you pick your rug, be it loud, quiet, colorful, or muted, you’ve dictated what energy the room will have.  The rug is like the border of a puzzle; once you have the border completed, the rest of the jigsaw is soooo much easier!  Once you’ve got this base layer you can start to throw fabrics and finishes on top to see what gels!

Below are two very different  homes we’ve designed and as you can see, the rugs are everything!

Private Residence - Las Vegas, Nevada

Private Residence - St. George, Utah

Your rug will be the largest piece of art you'll ever buy and art, my friends tells a lot about a person....