The Alice in Alice Lane Home

"Hi, can I speak with Alice, please?" It's a frequent question we get here at Alice Lane. Usually we respond with a slight chuckle because, you see, Alice Lane isn't a person. It's a street. Or, at least that's what we thought up until last week when we received the most surprising phone call... Let's go back to the beginning shall we. If you've read our history you know that Adam and I named our business after the street we built our first dream home on: Alice Lane. It's a beautiful street tucked up on the east bench of Farmington, UT; surrounded by apple trees that were once part of an orchard that stood there before. Turns out that wasn't just any apple orchard was Alice's apple orchard. Alice Burbidge and her husband once owned and tilled the very ground that our first custom home was built on. Their family farm is where they raised chickens, grew fruit trees, and harvested alfalfa. This is the real history behind Alice Lane.

Fast forward a few decades to when Alice's husband passed away and she sold her 15 acres of mountain land to a developer (our developer!). She moved on with life, but left just a small piece of her behind...her name engraved upon one of the street signs. Little did she know that that very street would soon steal our hearts and later become the inspiration for what is now our beloved interior design and home furnishings business.

Alice Lane Street Sign

For years I had wondered who that Alice might be! After all, you must be pretty special to have a street named after you. You can only imagine my excitement when Alice's grand-daughter (who's also appropriately named Allison) contacted us and told us her grandmother's story. She then asked if we'd like to meet her. You mean, there really is an Alice after all!?! Of course we wanted to meet her! We arranged to have Alice and her grand-daughter visit us at our Trolley Square location. At the young age of 90, Alice is as sharp as a tack and is as witty as she is wise! We swapped stories and reminisced about the very same place we once called home. That feeling of "home" has stayed with me after all these years simply because I named our store after the greatest address there could ever be: Alice Lane.

Jessica Bennett and Alice Burbidge

I love that the complete history of Alice Lane has come full circle, and there couldn't be anything more special! What a treat to meet the woman behind the name. And in case you're time someone calls in asking to speak with Alice, we'll tell them she's either busy making her renowned peanut brittle (which we can't wait to try!) or off practicing her golf swing. Alice, you'll forever be a part of our hearts!

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