The Appetizer

An entry is the first impression your guests receive when entering your home. This space becomes the appetizer of what is to come. So why not treat this space a little differently and let your guests wonder and salivate - what's behind door number two?!

Typically an entry becomes a hallway to another room.  However, there is no reason an entry can’t be functional – and gorgeous (of course!).  We began with the soloist of the space – the console.  This classic French demilune is elongated with clean, smooth lines and tapered legs.  Each door is designed with oval brass rings and grill overlays.  I have truly never seen anything like it!  Both my client and I feel in love!  This console becomes a perfect resting spot for a tray full of keys, a candle, or even a fresh bouquet of flowers just plucked from your garden.

We flanked the console with two Farm Wing Chairs and slipped them into a hand designed Hable fabric. The size and scale of these chairs alone will leave anyone with a lasting impression! Above each Farm Wing Chair we stacked a few pieces of art- this gives the entry a colorful and personal touch. In addition to just being a beautiful, the chairs can also be easily moved into her family room for additional seating when entertaining.

No entry is complete without a mirror. A mirrored surface is not only useful, it's also beautiful. Silver has a liquid quality that's incredibly calming and serene - despite its hard veneer. This will become a great little spot to touch up your lipstick or fix those loose hairs before you welcome your friends and family in for a little appetizer of the senses.

- Christy

P.S. Keep posted for installation photos!