The Art of Gifting

I love giving. I love shopping for just the thing. I love thinking ver specifically about each person I gift. It's a consideration that takes a great deal of though - I categorize my subjects into two categories. They're either practical or emotional types that totally appreciate a little luxury. Needs versus wants. Both types of people still deserve a well wrapped gift and a love note. I even like to tell them what I was thinking when I chose their gift. Why they needed it. Make it personal. That's the part that is the gift. They LOVE you put into it. 1. Magazine Subscriptions - There are a bunch for $5 on Amazon right now! 2. A Rowenta iron and a nice new spray bottle. 3. An entry rug or doormat - Alice Lane - In store now. 4. A rug in front of the kitchen sink - Alice Lane - In store now. 5. Dish or hand towels for the kitchen - I love William Sonoma. 6. Bar of soap on a beautiful dish - Alice Lane - In store now. 7. Hand Cream in a tube. They can keep it by the sink or throw it in their purse.  - Alice Lane - In store now. 8. Beautiful antique reproduction gold scissors - These could be pretty hanging from a ribbon near your wrapping or sewing station. - Alice Lane - In store now. 9. Silver serving dish - Makes you feel more culinary! And everything tastes better! - Alice Lane - In store now. 10. Nice Thank You cards with a good pen. 11. Decorative hooks for the pantry to hang aprons and what-nots or for the mud hall, closet or bathroom to hang necklaces. - Alice Lane - In store now. 12. For the person who works a lot - desk accessories.  - Alice Lane

1. A candle with long wooden matches and a candle snuffer. - Alice Lane - In store now. 2. Cashmere socks and a pedicure. 3. A plush bathrobe liket his silk velvet one from Garnet Hill. 4. Haflinger slippers for men or women from Garnet Hill. 5. Music. Whatever puts you in a place when you hear it - that you have to just stop and be! 6. A date to do smile luxuries. Salted caramel hot chocolate at Starbucks. 7. An experience - tickets to something or somewhere! 8. A small box of fancy chocolates - My favorite are Frango mints. 9. Crystal candy dish (Full of candy, of course!) 10. A cocktail ring. 11. Art - Messages so sweet you could cry. - Alice Lane - In store now. 12. A gorgeous crystal picture frame with a love note in it. - Alice Lane - In store now.

Happy gifting! Do it with love. And they'll love it!

- Jessica