Power of a Statement Chair

Just like Bonnie Taylor taught us, everyone needs a hero. And when it comes to decorating, so does every room. When designing a space, it's important to establish what you want that "hero" piece to be early on. Maybe it's some abstract artwork or a colorful rug, but whatever it is, it should be eye-catching! Using an accent chair as your main statement piece is the perfect way to add functional style into your home; and don't you just love walking into a room and instantly thinking, "Man, I want to sit in THAT chair!" A great chair can be a powerful jumping block into great design!


15 Brady

While finding a great chair is really of one of those "you'll know it when you see it" scenarios, there are a few things we believe can make a chair truly great:

1. Silhouette - A chair that has a unique shape will always catch your eye.

2. Frame - A chair is only as good as it's frame. An exposed or sculptural-like frame can be a major "wow" factor.

3. Novelty - It goes without saying that any chair that makes you take a double-look is making a statement. Sometimes it's fun to dive completely off the deep end and go for something even a little bizarre.

4. Color/Pattern - Sometimes the only thing your chair needs is some really awesome upholstery. Take a traditional silhouette and frame and dress it in a colorful print and you've got yourself a statement piece!