Throw Pillows

[photos by Ashlee Raubach]

The right throw pillows have solved a lot of design dilemmas for us. They can relate the sofa to the rug and/or other elements in the design scheme. Pillows connect the dots, so to speak. Pillows can animate a boring sofa and bring to life. They can update a room and introduce a new trend. They visually soften a space. Pillows add personality. Pillows can transform with the seasons. Add warmth and texture, or cool it down and add shimmer. They are the jewelry in the room. That finishing touch. That great pair of earrings and big bangle bracelet you always get complimented on - that is what the right pillows can do for your space.

Here are a few very important things when buying pillows: Use down inserts. If your pillow didn't come with a down insert, replace it with a down insert. Otherwise your pillows are being used as a decoration, instead of adding comfort to your seat. And what's the point of that?

[photos by Ashlee Raubach]

Almost always buy big pillows! 22" to 24" are my favorite for 98% of all sofas. People often use too many small pillows, and it adds visual clutter. If you'll start with 2 large 24" pillows in each corner and step down from there, you'll find you may only need one or two more. Its not important to be symmetrical in laying out your pillows. You want it to look interesting and collected. Buying the right quality pillows, with genuine textures; hair on hide, woven leathers, furs, shell details, wovens, velvets, will give your decor a feeling of luxury and authenticity. It's one area you don't want to skimp. It's the finishing layer - make it shine.

[photos by Nicole Hill Gerulat]

[photos by Ashlee Raubach]