Tickled Pink!

Pink is the universal color of love. Pink is happy, playful, and charming - just like my sister, Amy! And I was tickled pink when she asked me to help design her home for her and her beautiful family. Amy's main request? A little touch of pink in each room! I smiled and said, "This, I can do!"

We began with the sneak preview to any home – the entry.  Amy is a busy mother of three children and leads a hectic life to say the least.  So she wanted every room, including the entry, to not only be stunning and elegant, but practical and kid proof as well.  Believe it or not – that is a doable combination!  We wrapped the entry in a luxurious cream wallpaper with a luminous silver-leaf pattern.  This set the tone for everything else to come.  My sister craves light in any room, so we of course lit her console table with two lamps.  On top of the console we placed some of her favorite family photos, and centered on the wall above a stylish multi-layered sunburst mirror.

The entry opens to her music room.  This room is well used since Amy is a talented pianist and her children share the joy of music as well.  We wanted to create a space where friends and family could comfortable lounge and listen while music filled the room.  The windows are draped in a metallic sheer, an elegant and peaceful look that lets in as much light as possible.  For that touch of pink, we added a fresh flower arrangement and a cozy pillow.  This room is no longer a pass through, but instead is a welcoming resting spot for friends and family.

Where mom is, the kids are sure to follow!  Just off of Amy’s kitchen is her family room, so this is where she and her family naturally spend the majority of their time.  She wanted this space to be stylish, comfortable and livable - with a dash of pink (of course!).  The watercolor-like hand knotted rug anchors this room – giving it an elegant look with the practicality she so needs with a young family.  The organic mirrored armoire not only looks beautiful, but the mirrored doors create a liquid quality that’s incredible calming and serene.  We spread that touch of pink throughout the room with the use of custom fabric on her modern wing back chair, a fun Moroccan pouf, whimsical art and comfortable pillows.  When I asked Amy what she thought, she excitedly told me, “I love how happy this room makes me feel.  Every time I walk in, it just makes me smile!”

Don’t forget about your laundry room or mud room.  As with most moms, these rooms get plenty of use!  We wanted to dress these spaces up a bit so that the typically daunting task of laundry would not seem so daunting.  So we spread a little pink around, hung cheerful art and tossed in some textured pillows.

One of the easiest ways to let your guests feel at home is to dress the powder room.  Fill this room with luxurious soaps, soft towels, fragrant candles and anything else you think your guests might enjoy to freshen up.  This is exactly what we did in my sister’s powder room – and I have to say I love lingering in this room!  We enveloped the walls with a soft pink paint.  When the lights are dimmed, it casts a beautiful rosy glow - everyone looks fresh and young in a rosy glow!

As Jessica Bennett says, “Your home should be your favorite place on earth.”  I was tickled pink to create that place for my sister.

[photos by Meikel Reece]

- Christy