Utah Style and Design Magazine Photo Shoot

We were thrilled to have Utah Style and Design stop by for a photo shoot at our store a few weeks ago. They were so delightful! And a captive audience... we love to talk shop - as do they. We are excited to see how the pictures all lay out in the upcoming fall issue and maybe winter! This back area of the store was being shot for the magazine cover! (Soo exciting!) This may be the cover shot of either the fall or winter issue of Utah Style!

Shooting with them was instant gratification, after they'd shoot a scene, we would huddle around their laptop to see how the pictures came out. They'd go back and make a few adjustments and shoot again, until perfection!

We shot a beautiful vignette around the Margarette bed by Oly Studio. They wanted to showcase the color turquoise!

One vignette two different coffee tables -

We talked about how to style a coffee table and still make it look usable and effortless. We shot this scene in front of the French daybed a few different ways. We'll see what they end up using?

French daybed with a high directoire table. It's a nice usable height to eat, study or write a note on.  Fresh flowers cut from my garden earlier that morning. Ahhh, what a luxury!

It will be fun to see how these all develop for the magazine. If you haven't already got your summer issue of Utah Style, run out and grab one! It's a great issue! We are featured toward the front of the magazine in the Style File section.

Special thanks to Brad, Tessa and Adam at Utah Style and Design for making us look so good and spending their whole day with us!