We're Obsessed - Zippy Patterns

Ahhhh! The energy a zippy pattern will add to a room...

It just ignites a space. It's contagious. If something is missing from your room... Consider adding pattern! If you're traditional, a stripe, herringbone, or houndstooth may satisfy you.

I love a good graphic motif with plenty of repeat. It's organized, but packs a punch. Suzanni's and Ikat's are a favorite if you like a little Tribal influence, that says "I've traveled. I've seen many wonders this land has to offer and my room has something to say! I am not afraid. Hear me roar!" (Throw in a little animal print with it all.)

See (and feel) the energy of layering some of these organized and organic patterns. You can see that one pattern may not be enough. Go for it!

If you enjoy and embrace this spirit of design, you are sure to enjoy Jonathan Adler's work and attitude on life. Check out his Manifesto: (I can't read it without smiling!) http://www.jonathanadler.com/shop/manifesto.php

Invite some pattern into your home. Here are some zippy motifs we have available in the store right now!

Here are some fabulous rooms that are patterned quite successfully: