What We Love About February

1. Valentine's Day - "I love that there is a holiday dedicated to showing love to others - from my kids' valentines to the chick flicks. I think its a good excuse to tell someone you love them. (It doesn't have to be romantic) just admirable! I admire so many great men and women in my life! And I secretly hope my husband will do something unexpected without too much prompting." - Jessica

2. Hot Chocolate - " I love the cold weather outside so I can grab a blanket and hot chocolate and snuggle up to my hubby." - Jen

3. Leap Year - "It only comes every four years! What's not to love!" - Holly

4. Pink! - Valentine's Day and Pink! The perfect of all combinations

5. Candy Hearts - Just a little bit of elementary school love nostalgia.

6. Chocolates - It's the month to indulge in something rich and decadent.

7. Fresh Flowers - "I love fresh flowers in the dead of winter! Such a luxury!!" - Jessica

8. Bubble Baths & Candles - Nothing like warming up and relaxing on a cold winter's evening with a delicious smelling candle and a good read.

9. Love - Everyone has love in their life. Let the ones you admire and love know that you think they are great this month!

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