What We Love About May

1. "April showers have brought us these lovely May flowers. I love seeing everyone's carefully planted gardens but I also love fresh cut flowers on the kitchen table."  - Holly

2. "Eating dinner outside, on the patio." - Christy

3. "I love that May is month that I can look forward to sunny days then rainy days! One day I can be in the canyon and the next cuddled inside making cookies while the moody clouds pass! I'm a woman of variety and May gives that to me - Thank you May!"  - Suzanne

4. "Mother's Day! Spoiling my mom and showing my appreciation for all that she's done." - Holly

5. "It's the time to clean the house, open the windows, light a Spring candle and give my spaces a face lift." - Natalie

6. "Memorial Day weekend!" - Adam

7. "School is out for the summer!" - Jen

8. "The sun is out longer and the nights are warmer so we can go on night walks and be outside longer." - Jen

9. "My birthday!" - Adam

10. "May is fresh! Everything is green and blooming." - Natalie

What is YOUR favorite thing about May?

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