What's Trending: Market Recap

We just got back from another glorious trip to market in High Point, NC where we previewed the newest collections from leading industry designers. Not only do we get the first glimpse at the latest trends, but we also get to met the style makers behind the beautiful designs. You could sort of say they're our heroes! Today we're sharing some of the top trends we noticed at market and what some of the experts had to say about them! IMG_5639



1. Animal Prints - They’re back, better, and bigger than ever! We’re known for sneaking in a hint of animal prints into our designs, but don’t be surprised if you start to see this bold print step into the spotlight more often. We saw full-blown sectionals spotted from head to toe in leopard print!

2. Visual Texture - It's texture you can see! The thing we love about this newest design trend is that it excites multiple senses at once, drawing your attention closer and closer. You don't even have to touch to know it's full of texture.

3. Angles/Geometric Shapes - The geometric craze continues with a particular vintage-modern vibe. While you’ll continue to see geometric shapes in textiles and art, you’ll also see them come to life in 3D visual design applications, such as lighting, sculptural objects, tables, etc.

4. Acrylic - The fact that acrylic can be made into just about anything has made it a very popular material. We saw it molded into beautiful light fixtures, chairs, tables, and accessories of all sorts. This is one plastic that sure knows how to get dolled up classy!

5. Color - Whether you go with bold saturated colors or muted Mediterranean hues, color is everywhere! With white walls trending, it’s particularly fun to bring a pop of color in through your art and upholstery.

Alice Lane Home_What's Trending Fall Market

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Watch our segment with KSL's Studio 5 for more on these trends from our Founder and Design Principal, Jessica Bennett: