Wonderland Pick: Marbury Steel Rug

With winter making its final farewells and the tease of spring time temperatures in the air, it’s time to rethink our overworked rugs that sustained us through the muddy months. A new layer underfoot feels so welcome and fresh – especially one that’s incredibly comfy on our newly found bare feet. Marbury Steel Rug Rotated

Marbury Steel Rug $913

Our Wonderland location currently has this beauty in stock and it’s so soft we can’t help but run our fingers through it several times daily. This is the kind of rug that you’d invite the neighbors over to meet, and then cozy up on for the Downton Abbey finale after they finally left. On second thought, you may want to keep this one a secret, because once the neighbors find out, they’ll be running their toes through the exact one in their own living room. Some things in life are just too good to share.

XOXO, Holly A.