Holly A.'s Picks

Now that a third of the population is trickling its way back to school, let's talk student success.  A successful student starts with a beautifully styled desk, and I'm mostly sure about that.  If you're not a student yourself, chances are, you know one; but didn't someone once say that we're all students of life?  I bet that happened.

holly a.'s picks | alice lane home collection

A well functioning desk consists of a few key ingredients:  Lighting, a tray to corral the knick knacks, a scented candle for easing the research paper nerves, a coaster for caffeine, a notepad to scrawl the fleeting thought, a rad jar for pencils and such, and something organic to soften the seriousness.

holly a.'s picks | alice lane home collection

If you're in the mood to create student success, stop by either of our store locations.  We've got the prettiest ingredients for a perfectly styled desk.  Your research paper will thank you.

holly a. | alice lane home collection