Styling a Bookcase

The most striking offices always feature a well-styled bookcase, wouldn’t you agree? It’s the best way to make a grand statement and create that inspiring and intellectual atmosphere that an office craves. So why is it that bookcases often become either a catch-all for little trinkets or just an empty eye-sore? Try these tips to give that bookcase a face-lift and take it from drab to fab.styling a bookcase | alice lane home collection LAYER ART If you are having a tough time filling those bookshelves, try layering in art to fill the negative space and add depth. You can also mount artwork to the front of a bookcase for unexpected dimension and interest.

styling a bookcase | alice lane home collection

GROUP YOUR BOOKS If you are an avid reader and need all of that space for books, you can make a strong impact just by grouping them by size or color. Line your books up vertically, create horizontal stacks, or mix it up for a more relaxed look.

styling a bookcase | alice lane home collection

INCORPORATE ACCESSORIES An office is the perfect place to display your favorite treasures. Whether it’s the souvenir you picked up on your last big trip or a gift you received from someone special, integrate items that are meaningful to you. Adding in accessories with unifying features (color, shape, etc.) is a great rule-of-thumb to follow to introduce variety without it feeling too cluttered.

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