Making Over Your Mantel

Taking down Christmas decorations around the house can be somewhat of a somber activity after the holidays are over. When it comes to taking down your fireplace mantel decor however, there is reason to rejoice! It’s the perfect time to start with a clean slate; strip it down to its bones, wipe all of the dust off, and start afresh. Styling your mantel after the holidays can be a tricky thing, because it’s not quite spring yet, and using evergreens can make you think Christmas is still around the corner. So what do you do? Here are a couple of ideas that we like to use at Alice Lane.

Pick a few of your favorite items from your travels and add them to your mantle.

If you’re one to take advantage of the holidays by flying off to your favorite travel destination, don’t be afraid to use some of your prized souvenirs you brought home from your exotic trip to Tahiti. A clean mantel will let you build around those one-of-a-kind pieces, and be unique especially to you.

Get your favorite piece of art framed, and hang it over your mantle.

Perhaps you received some cherished art from your children over the holidays; now is a great time to make your kids proud and display their work in a nice frame over the family room mantel. They will be proud of their work, and it will give your home the perfect warm touch it was needing after the holidays.

Making over your mantle will help give your living room a fresh  look!

If your mantel decor needs some help after the holiday season, give one of these ideas a try, and you just might be surprised with how great it turns out. Stop by one of our locations and our stylists can help you freshen up your mantel!

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[photos from Elle Decor and Architectural Digest]