Show N' Tell — Historic Avenues Art Scene

Show N' Tell — Historic Avenues Art Scene

Love it or leave it? After seventeen years of living in their 1895 two-story Avenues home, owners Dean and Tiffani Peterson faced this dilemma. “I’ve lived in the Avenues for thirty years,” says Dean, CEO of Harmon’s Neighborhood Grocer. “I love that it’s close to the city and in a walkable neighborhood. At first, Tiffani and I thought, maybe we should fix up the house to sell. Then, we concluded: ‘No, let’s fix it up to stay.’”

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Inspo of the Week: Art + Color

Inspo of the Week: Art + Color

Art is inspiring in so many ways—from strolling through a museum to scrolling through Instagram you can pull inspiration from different artists and make it your own. This week one of our designers is using colors found in various art work to use as inspo for her current projects. Painters like De Kooning, Monet, VanGogh and Vermeer (to name a few) are masters of color and studying their work can help develop a better understanding of how, where, and why they use color the way they do.

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Finding the Right Paint Color

Finding the Right Paint Color

Every once in a while, we feel the need to change up the colors in our home. Painting is one of the most fun ways to add something new to an existing space! But then the questions come: How do I choose the right color? What is the best way to test them out? How do I make sure my paint color doesn't pull the wrong accent colors?

Well, today we met with Kim—one of our amazing designers—to get some answers. Here's what she said:

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The Breakdown of Fabrics

We love incorporating different types of fabrics into our designs, so today we met with Lauren from our design team to learn a little bit about our favorite fabrics! Lauren reminded us that it is so important to consider durability and clean-ability before deciding on a fabric for your space. These are major factors on whether or not your furniture will last! She told us about some of the best fabrics that she uses when she's designing.


You may have seen crypton before in hospital waiting rooms - that rough, kind of ugly fabric covering the chairs. Well, now crypton is being repurposed and used in homes! It is now soft, in beautiful neutrals, and has great patterns. We love using this for furniture because it's hydrophobic, so it completely repels moisture! (Seriously, you can spill a Diet Coke on it and it won't stain - or even get wet!)


This isn't the polyester of your grandma's bell bottoms. This stuff is perfect for furniture! We love using this synthetic fabric for its durability. Because it is man-made, it doesn't break down like the natural fibers in linens and cotton do. Polyester also comes in a lot of different styles, like velvets, linen look-alikes, tons of colors, and lots of patterns.

Leather & Hides

As Jessica, our design principal says, with leather, we make sure to get some skin in the game! We love leather for its beautiful texture and durability, not to mention how easy it is to clean.

Furs & Hides

We love furs and hides for smaller pieces, like pillows and rugs! They add a lot of interest and new dimension to spaces because of their wonderful textures.

And last but not least, Cottons & Linens

We love cottons and linens...but only for smaller pieces! Because they are all natural, they will break down more easily, so they are great for bedding, pillows, and pretty things, but not so much for furniture.

So remember, next time you're trying to choose the perfect fabric make sure you keep in mind its durability and clean-ability. That way you'll get amazing pieces that will last and you won't have to replace every time something spills!

Spring 2017 Collection!

We are so excited to announce the launch of our Spring 2017 Collection! We think you'll really love what we have to show you. We drew inspiration from so many places, but here are just a few of the ideas we loved.

We fell in love with the bright contrasts and muted pastels  from this Tsumori Chisato image.

We couldn't help but become O-B-S-E-S-S-E-D with this bright—and sexy— Céline chartreuse!

We knew embracing fun textures was the only way to go.

And we decided to bring in lots of mid-century silhouettes and design ideas!

Now we know you're curious to see how Jess Bennett incorporated all these ideas into her home. Here are a few of the highlights.

For the front porch, Jessica made sure to include plenty of pretty Greenery and neutral colors to keep things looking natural.

In the entry way, she used plenty of the pastel colors you saw from our inspiration ideas! We love the pinks and the natural wood tones. The table echoes some of the mid-century silhouettes you saw above.

In the kitchen, she made sure to keep things bright and beautiful with lots of natural, contrasting colors.

With plenty of light in the space—and lots of fun textures—we think the kitchen is a delight!

Spring is such a happy and rejuvenating time, especially for decorating your home. We are so excited to bring the items you see in our photos to our store and online shop!

Happy spring shopping, everyone!

Legendary Designers

If you haven't seen yet, our design principal Jessica Bennett was featured in the most recent issue of Western Art and Architecture! You can see our post about it on Instagram here. She talks about the beginnings of her career and some of the designers who have inspired her the most. As a master mixer of design styles herself, it's no wonder Jessica talked about designers like Thomas O'Brien and Kelly Wearstler!

Design by Aero Studios.

Thomas O'Brien, principal of Aero Studios, has a very traveled look. He is an expert at blending traditional and modern styles! His work is timeless.

Design by Aero Studios.

He mainly pairs creamy neutral colors with darker woods - curating the perfect balance. He creates spaces that are inviting and comfortable, but oh-so stylish! We just love how classic his looks are.

Design by Kelly Wearstler.

Kelly Wearstler's designs are bold and unapologetic. Her spaces are so energetic and upbeat. Her work is full of color and soul. We are definitely crushing on her style!

Design by Kelly Wearstler.

She can take furniture from different periods and blend them together in the same room. She can blend any design styles together and make them look good. Talk about talent!

Design by Jean-Louis Deniot.

We also draw inspiration from Jean-Louis Deniot! His clean designs are open and balanced, and the perfect mix of old and new.

Design by Jean-Louis Deniot.

We love his use subtle colors and tones, and that the lighting in his spaces is always impeccable! Not to mention his perfect placement of accessories. We love the details!

These are just a few of our favorite legendary designers. We hope they inspire you as much as they do us!

Featured Image by Aero Studios.

Pin of the Week: Inspiring Home Offices

Haven't you heard that offices can be functional and beautiful? Then why not have one in your home! We love the natural light that streams into the space. It's so beautiful and bright! The clean lines of the woodwork and hardware make the space feel organized while the cabinetry actually keeps it that way! It's just what you need in an office. What a perfect place to get inspired and get to work!

Pin on our Home Office Board

3 Trends We Hope Make a Comeback!

Today we talked with one of our amazing designers, Kristina, about some of the trends she hopes make a big comeback this year. We're super excited to tell you all about them!

The 90s

Kristina said she has been seeing hints of the 90s everywhere. But don't worry, it's not the 90s you remember from when you were a kid! This time around, there is a refreshing and modern twist that we love, especially in the colors. We're seeing lots of pinks, pastels, bold colors, and even silver!

We're obsessed with the pale pinks and pastel blues in this room.

Design by Jean-Louis Deniot via Instagram

Check out the use of a bold blue and silver! (But don't worry, gold lovers! Gold isn't going anywhere soon. We're hoping for more use of gold and silver together!)

Design by Alice Lane

Mid-Century Silhouettes

The next concept we're hoping to see is an increase in mid-century silhouettes. Mid-century furniture so modern and sophisticated, but it never loses its class! It can fit into any room, any design, any time. We're wanting to add more of it to the timeless looks we love creating.

Check out the iconic Womb Chair. It fits perfectly in the timeless feel of this bedroom!

Design by Vicente Wolf

We loved using this sleek swivel recliner!

Design by Alice Lane

The Ocean

Last but not least, we talked about bringing back the ocean. Remember when it used to be all the rage to glue little shells onto picture frames to bring the beach inside your home? Well, now we have a little bit classier option!

We love coastal-inspired design and the organic feel it can bring into a space. We can use blues, earthy colors, and even pieces of coral (but not glued to anything!) to bring in the ocean-feel we're really going for.

We love the use of shells and coral surrounding this bath, and that the wall sconces match the feel of the coral!

Design found at Architectural Digest

Cross you fingers and keep your eye out for these awesome trends to make a comeback!

Featured image design by Tori McBrien

Pin of the Week: It's All in the Details

Something that really sets great design apart is attention to the little things. We love this ceiling and how the light fixture echoes the little golden stars all across the ceiling. It would have been so easy to leave the ceiling white...or to put a regular old light fixture against that wallpaper. But putting them together adds something so special to the space! Great design is all in the details! For more detail inspo, check out our Details & Styling Board on Pinterest.


Let's be real for a minute. Sometimes stairs can become a forgotten corner of our homes. They get us from one floor to another and that's about it, right? But stairs don't just have to be functional, they can be fun! We think they're vital to giving a house some character! When done right, they can be a defining fixture in your home.

Before we start, let's clear up some of the technical terms like "riser," "tread," and "baluster." It can be tough even for us to keep it all straight. Here is a sketch by one of our designers that shows all the parts of a staircase.

So now that we know the basic parts of a staircase, let's talk about all the different ways we can style them!

You can use a beautiful wooden staircase as a prominent feature to combine rooms. This one helps the entry way flow into the living room. By using a decorative banister that carries over into the loft, you can elongate and showcase the flight of stairs. Alpine Manor by Alice Lane

While some staircases are exposed, some staircases are hidden, like this one. By keeping the destination of your staircase a surprise, everyone will be so curious to explore the rest of your home! Entry, design by Candace Barnes

This simple staircase is tucked away behind a grand fireplace, just barely visible. By using a half landing (where the stairs change direction), you can add depth and layers to any room. French Moderne Manor by Alice Lane

The banister and balusters don't have to be the only decoration on your stairs - add a carpet stair runner to enhance the space! Entry, design by ML Interior Design


This staircase gently winds about the entryway, echoing the curves of the doorways. The deep wood of the doors and floor are carried into the delicate banister. By following the architecture of your house, the stairs can emphasize the design theme of your home. Entry, design by Ashley Whittaker

By using a skirt to hide the treads and risers and a sleek metal banister, you can really enhance the modern feel of your home. Entry, design by John Barman

Above all, remember that your staircase defines the character and feel of your home. If you keep it in line with the style of your home, you'll be sure to have a staircase that will wow!

Need more stair-inspo? Check out our Pinterest board!

Our Favorite White Houses

White is the perfect color for any and all design styles. From elegant and formal to clean and simple, white can do it all. It's no wonder we're obsessed with the white trend! Take a look at some of our favorite white house pins from our Pinterest boards.


This remodeled farmhouse is chic and beautiful. The huge stainless steel windows and the white walls keep it bright and full of light.

Source: Becki Owens

Living Room

We’re crazy for Sara Story’s living room remodel. The home’s Victorian frame is accentuated with an elegant side chair and pendant lights, and the room is fresh and inviting with white walls and buttercream drapery.

Source: Architectural Digest


This yummy bedroom is kept open and light with off-white walls and bedding and large windows. The dark upholstery and leather  ground the space.

Source: Alice Lane


We love this white marble kitchen! The white marble countertops and woodwork create a clean feel, while the brass dual apron sink and brass cabinetry hardware add a touch of rustic glamour.

Source: Decor Pad


The white marble floor in this bathroom is quietly elegant, while the white tub commands our attention. The golden goodies throughout the room tie the space all together.

Source: Alice Lane


We love this small laundry space. The white takes what can be a stressful area of a home and transforms it into a calm and clean workplace.

Source: Yahoo! News

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Alice Lane's Top Pins of 2016

Happy 2017! Alice Lane’s designers always have a tab open on Pinterest for inspiration, and Pinterest is also a space where Alice Lane can share our creative work too! So as we reflected on the year of 2016, we decided to share this year’s highlights via a list of Alice Lane’s top pins for 2016. Be sure to follow Alice Lane and our interior design boards on Pinterest.


Alice Lane likes to flex our design muscles, and this year we published our Modern Glass House in Utah Style and Design. The highlight? These customized front doors. Source: Alice Lane

Living Room

We’re crazy for Sara Story’s living room remodel. As the design pays homage to the home’s Victorian frame through an elegant side chair and pendant lights, the room is also fresh and inviting with a snug sectional and buttercream drapery. Source: Architectural Digest



What do you do with those tiny, awkward spaces in historic home? Well this pink office is a perfect example of how bold walls transform small spaces. The accents of gold bring glamour and sophistication to this little office, and the hide rug and grey fabric on the Lucite stool grounds the room. Source: Alice Lane



We are in love this sleek and warm kitchen designed by Betsy Brown. The clean lines of the hood and marble waterfall on the kitchen island form a simple and minimalist aesthetic, which is paired with the warmth of a more traditional and rustic wood table. Source: La Dolce Vita Blog



Emily Jackson’s closet is every fashion blogger’s dream! A chandelier, which we imagine adorning a small dressing room at Versailles, hangs dramatically above a customized dresser. Sigh…that dresser. We can’t get over the mixture of hardware and concentric square millwork. Source: Alice Lane



Perhaps one of our favorite rooms of the year is Kourtney Kardashian’s guest room. It’s effortless style. We applaud the mixture of textures: the woolly geometric rug, the fluffy fur throw, and the sleek table lamp. Source: Architectural Digest

For inspiration for 2017, follow Alice Lane's Pinterest!

Color in the Kitchen

Last week we were tickled pink to see the kitchen of our Lakeside Loft project spotlighted on as an unexpected way to add color to your kitchen (check out the full article online here if you missed it!). Of course, we're all for adding color in unexpected ways, and these indigo kitchen cabinets are just one example of that. So, we thought we'd do our own take on 5 Ways to Add Color to Your Kitchen...

While we love a white kitchen as much as anyone, it's nice to see a kitchen that has a little color! Here we opted to paint all the bottom cabinets an indigo blue (Indigo Batik by Sherwin Williams to be exact). It's a fun contrast to the white cabinets and white subway tile above, and definitely eye catching!

Suzannehallhome Meikel Reece _143-2 Here we painted this cupboard a country green and it's just the right amount of color in this little kitchenette. If you want to keep your cabinets a classic white, consider painting a cupboard, sideboard, or pantry door instead. This colorful barn door not only adds architectural interest, but gives the kitchen personality!


If you're not quite ready to make the plunge into painting cabinets, try lining your cabinets with a paper or fabric for a fun pop of color. Here we lined the backs of these glass cabinets with an orange grass-cloth paper in a trellis print. All of the sudden those white dishes just pop! As a bonus, it can make even the simplest of cabinets look expensive and custom.


A colored back splash is a great way to add color in an otherwise neutral kitchen. If you're looking for a way to set your kitchen apart from all the other white kitchens out there, find a unique tile that speaks to who you are. As a tip, try taking the tile all the way up the wall where allowed. It will intensify the color and make your kitchen look grandeur.

If you're looking for a quick fix, try incorporating colorful dishes, food, and accessories. They can transform your colorless kitchen into something entirely new. We love to fill jars and bowls with fresh fruits and vegetables (which just so happens to be incredibly convenient to do in a kitchen), and fill shelves with cookbooks. It's appropriate, practical, and colorful!