3 Trends We Hope Make a Comeback!

Today we talked with one of our amazing designers, Kristina, about some of the trends she hopes make a big comeback this year. We're super excited to tell you all about them!

The 90s

Kristina said she has been seeing hints of the 90s everywhere. But don't worry, it's not the 90s you remember from when you were a kid! This time around, there is a refreshing and modern twist that we love, especially in the colors. We're seeing lots of pinks, pastels, bold colors, and even silver!

We're obsessed with the pale pinks and pastel blues in this room.

Design by Jean-Louis Deniot via Instagram

Check out the use of a bold blue and silver! (But don't worry, gold lovers! Gold isn't going anywhere soon. We're hoping for more use of gold and silver together!)

Design by Alice Lane

Mid-Century Silhouettes

The next concept we're hoping to see is an increase in mid-century silhouettes. Mid-century furniture so modern and sophisticated, but it never loses its class! It can fit into any room, any design, any time. We're wanting to add more of it to the timeless looks we love creating.

Check out the iconic Womb Chair. It fits perfectly in the timeless feel of this bedroom!

Design by Vicente Wolf

We loved using this sleek swivel recliner!

Design by Alice Lane

The Ocean

Last but not least, we talked about bringing back the ocean. Remember when it used to be all the rage to glue little shells onto picture frames to bring the beach inside your home? Well, now we have a little bit classier option!

We love coastal-inspired design and the organic feel it can bring into a space. We can use blues, earthy colors, and even pieces of coral (but not glued to anything!) to bring in the ocean-feel we're really going for.

We love the use of shells and coral surrounding this bath, and that the wall sconces match the feel of the coral!

Design found at Architectural Digest

Cross you fingers and keep your eye out for these awesome trends to make a comeback!

Featured image design by Tori McBrien