5 Reasons Why We Love Art

item1.rendition.slideshowWideVertical.ralph-lauren-02-office1. Art fills our life with inspiration. This is Ralph Lauren's Madison Avenue office that he has filled with pieces that inspire his work. 9e45314777a169b522856caed757ea1c2. Art gives the room a pulse, a heartbeat. Art can bring such a strong emotional impact. It can determine the color palette, set the mood, and become the focal point.

item5.rendition.slideshowWideHorizontal.moda-operandi-07-conference-room3. The quickest way to introduce personality to the room is by adding art. The art in the conference room adds all of the personality in this room. It's known immediately that this is a place where fashion is celebrated.

4. Art has the unique ability to raise the level of other pieces around it.  Take a beautiful space, with beautiful furniture, add that magical piece of art and it makes the room and the pieces in it.

Living+Room+gallery+wall+art+surrounding+wooden+l4hElgt0oIbl5. Art is an expression of your life and memories. Pieces should be collected, whether from travels, found pieces, heirlooms passed down, or just a piece that you had to have, but something that represents you.

Take advantage of our Art Sale, and get that one (or two) piece that you have to have!

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