Clarke Residence Office

Mr. and Mrs. Clarke are two of the kindest and most genuine people you could ever hope to meet.  They are full of life and love, and their home certainly reflects that.  They recently asked us to design Mr. Clarke’s home office to be a stylish, yet functional, space where he could hold client meetings, transact important business and have a comfortable place to kick back and relax.  How could we say no?!   While sitting down and getting to know the Clarke’s (which was a treat!), it was hard not to notice their personal style and love for fashion.  We wanted to bring those stylish details into our design.


Typically, we want a home to look and feel consistent throughout.  However, we loved the idea of creating a temperature change for Mr. Clarke.  We wanted to create something a little deeper, a little richer, a little stronger and, yes, a little more masculine than the rest of the home.  We achieved this handsome statement with the use of textured wallpaper, rich leathers, and a mix of classic elements with contemporary furnishings.  The result was a rich sanctuary that provides a comfortable, stylish and functional setting for Mr. Clarke to conduct his work, as well as relax at the end of a long day.



Art gives a room a pulse, a heartbeat.  It is the exclamation point at the end of a sentence.  Leonardo da Vinci said “Painting is poetry that is seen rather than felt.”  Fortunately for us, Mr. and Mrs. Clarke just happened to own a wide variety of beautiful original art.  All we had to do was shop from their collection (talk about a hard day of work!).  We couldn’t believe what we found in their basement – we hit the jackpot!  In order to keep Mr. Clarke’s office feeling young, we peppered in a few new, vibrant pieces of art with their original pieces.  This immediately gave the room that confident, masculine style we were after.  This thoughtful art gallery is positively the highlight of Mr. Clarke’s office.

Alice Lane Home Collection | Clarke Office



Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Clarke for graciously letting us into your home and trusting us to create that temperature change in Mr. Clarke’s office.


[photos by Nicole Hill Gerulat]