5 Simple Ways To Accessorize Your Kitchen

Whether you are a cook or not, the kitchen is always the busiest room in the house. In order to maintain the chaos, the space needs to be functional, and if it can look stylish at the same time...even better! Some people want clean and simple while others say more is more! Either way, here are five easy ways to keep things tidy and looking good: 1. Function is Key – Style your kitchen with things you use on a weekly basis. Use decorative glass canisters with metal scoops filled with flour and sugar to add some interest and make baking easier. Fill up a decorative jar with mixing spoons, spatulas, and whisks for easy access. Why not take out a metal serving tray from your storage and proudly lean it up against your backsplash with a decorative wood cutting board for more texture. They will look like pieces of art and be right at your fingertips!

Open Shelving Kitchen 2. Open Things Up – Try installing some open shelves instead of closed upper cabinets. This will make your kitchen feel bigger and give you the opportunity to show off some cool serving pieces. Even stacks of everyday plates and bowls can look nice while being easily accessible.

_MG_3633 3. Bring in Some Life – The kitchen is made up of hard surfaces. Break it up by bringing in something organic. A simple plant, some fresh flowers, or an assortment of fruit in a cool container will add a new life to the space.

Kitchen Island Styling 1 4. The Island – Don’t make your island feel deserted and lifeless. Add some accessories to not make it feel so vast! Decorative color glass jars with some blooming or leafy branches will add interest and bring some of the outside in. Or, keep a serving board on the island so it's ready for that afternoon snack of crackers and cheese.

Kitchen Styling 2 5. Surround Yourself with Things You Love – Seeing that you will spend a lot of time in the kitchen why not surround yourself with things you love. Whether it is fresh flowers with fragrant scents on your island, your grandma’s tea kettle placed on an open shelf, or a framed picture of your kids on the window sill by the sink. I believe that tedious tasks like washing the dishes or cleaning the kitchen will be much more enjoyable when memories are sparked or a day is brightened by a simple object.

Alright, so go to your kitchen and see which of your accessories are working and which ones are not. Reinvent a few items that are tucked in the cabinets, make your kitchen more functional while still being beautiful, and create some new memories while being surround by the things you love.

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