Private Residence - Family Room

We recently worked with a wonderful Alpine couple on their family room. When first visiting their space, one of the couple’s biggest concerns was that they hated going into their family room. Despite the picturesque views of the Rocky Mountains, it was un-inviting and did not function the way their family wanted to use it.


We started by opening the room up and placing the sofa against the large picture window. The window needed something large enough to anchor it and the sofa did the trick. Because this family room, like most family rooms, has an entrance from two directions it makes traffic patterns and furniture placement challenging. We solved this by finding chairs that look fantastic from every direction. We used one of our very favorites, the spool chair, because  the openness of the frame on this chair doesn’t take up a lot of visual space.

We framed their large window with panels that were double the width of the windows. Making sure the window panels are nice and full really helps to elevate and bring the eye up in the space. There were a few clear story windows in the space that we treated with Roman shades. To create visual interest on the very tall stone fireplace, we layered a large mirror with a piece of art. This mirror not only opened up the space visually, but also reflected back the amazing views from the picture window. Finally, we wanted to bring a bit of the family’s love of the outdoors into the space. We put a large living tree in the corner between the windows, the branches reaching up to the full height of their 18 foot ceilings.

Overall we pulled off a young, exciting, fresh space that they can now call their favorite. Stay tuned for before and after pictures!