What We Love About June

1. " June is the month when I really get serious about my summer adventures. Camping, evening strolls, planting a garden, days at the lake." - Eliesa 2. "My momma's  birthday is in June." - Jessica 3. "Relaxing and reading in the sun." - Adam 4. "I love June because I can finally hang out at the family cabin without feeling like my buns are going to freeze off!" - Kristina 5. "Eating outside. There is nothing finer that dinner on the patio on a warm summer night." - Eliesa 6. "Semi-consistent sunshine! Colors seem to intensify! Greener mountains, bluer water!" - Suzanne 7. "One of our clients' darling two year old daughter's name is June. Brilliant! Charming! Like that movie Benny and June." - Jessica 8. "You could fall in love in June. I'm sure more people fall in love in the month of June than any other month of the year. Look it up, tell me if I'm right!" - Jessica 9. "June is a time to hit the road. Take a road trip!" - Holly 10. "Love that the sun sets at 9!" - Adam 11. "Spending time at the pool." - Adam

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