Market Watch Spring 2013

Spending a week in Highpoint, NC is a joy of mine twice a year. We go to stay current with the endless possibilities of all that are available or coming available. We get to see what the style makers and designers are forecasting for summer and fall. It's inspiring in every way! One thing was undeniable; Pattern is the new black! It is no surprise seeing how our favorite fashion designers have given us patterned pants, shoes, blouses, bags, bold patterned necklaces, etc. Why would our homes be any different? I wanted to share with you all the patterns I snapped while at market. They're everywhere.

The patterns today are more self-confident and spontaneous than ever before!  Don't be afraid to mix them in your own space(s). Structured patterns look great with free flowing more organic patterns.

You'll find a movement and rhythm gives your room a beat or a pulse. An easy way to start is with the rug and build upon that. A patterned chair, a textured sofa, art work... Patterned drapes also give back in a big way, and of course, a patterned or textured wall paper is always a great trick.

This season, find a way to incorporate a fresh new pattern into your decor.

Get out there, and find your beat!