Rendering At Its Finest

These are just a handful of designers that I learned about in school:

Colefax and Fowler | Mariette Himes Gomez: Rooms | Colefax and Fowler: Interior Inspirations | Roger Banks Pye: Interior Inspirations | Charlotte Moss: Creating a Room

I poured over these books, studied their spaces and admired their techniques. But above all, I fell in love with their ability to sketch! Their words inspired my mind and their drawings ignited my hand.  I couldn't stop!  I was determined to illustrate my ideas as a designer because seeing a room on paper was magic and being able to communicate this information to a client was invaluable!

During college, I worked at a kiosk in the Logan mall selling t-shirts. And in my down time, I taught myself to sketch. I would stare at images in these design books and draw exactly what I saw.  I learned perspective and space planning while admiring the precious details these artists would pencil in.  From the grand window treatments down to the very last last teacup atop a stack of old books, I fell in love!

I've worked at several design firms but none like Alice Lane!  Most often I would only be asked to render if a client was really important or the design was complex but Jessica lets me sketch all day:) When design hours are purchased and we work on a clients home it is expected that a rendering will be included in a presentation!   Majority of people have a hard time seeing the whole picture and that is why they hire us because we've already seen your home finished and its breathtaking!

Below are drawings from a beautiful home we are designing in Arizona.  The home is not complete and we still have more to design but it gives you an idea of how many drawings it takes to complete a home!

I love what I do and Alice Lane allows me to do what I do best! Sketch!

- Suzanne