Alice Lane Pick: Tibetan Fur Bench

The world is on a craze for Tibetan Fur, and we're no exception here at Alice Lane. We love it for a few reasons: it's beautiful, it's incredibly soft, and it's animal friendly. Cool fact: Tibetan fur is simply made from the long wool hair that is shaved off of Tibetan or Mongolian sheep when it comes time for a haircut. We love the natural curl of the wool and how it adds an incredible organic feel to any room. We've rounded up some of our favorite Tibetan fur benches (that you can now buy online!). With splayed wood legs and a Tibetan wool seat, our Otto bench is versatile as well as comfortable. It fits great in a bedroom, living room, or entry. Also available in a cube size, it fits perfectly under a console (a great trick for storing extra seating!) and is an aesthetically pleasing height. Tibetan Fur Otto CubeTibetan Fur Bench

The Bette ottoman really steps things up with it's sleek acrylic base. Seriously...does wool get any more glamorous?! We love to use this bench tucked under a vanity, or next to a buffet for extra seating. So tell us, what is your favorite Tibetan fur bench?

Alice Lane's Favorite Tibetan Fur Benches1. Bette Ottoman | 2. Otto Cube | 3. Otto Bench