Springtime Bow Tie Pasta Recipe

Forget scalloped potatoes and corn pudding, this pasta recipe will take your Easter brunch — or a simple spring Saturday — to a whole new level.

Serves 5 - 7 

1 lb. bowtie pasta

1 cup chopped fresh basil

1/2 cup shredded parmesan cheese

1/2 cup roasted pinenuts

1 bag mixed greens and arugula

1 container grape tomatoes (cut in half)

1 cup yellow pear tomatoes (cut in half)

Red pepper flakes, to taste


1/3 cup red wine vinegar

2 tablespoons sugar

1 teaspoon pepper

1 teaspoon salt

1 tablespoon dijon mustard

1 garlic clove

3/4 cup olive oil

Mix the sauce in a blender and pour over the pasta. Chill for one hour before serving.

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Spring 2017 Collection!

We are so excited to announce the launch of our Spring 2017 Collection! We think you'll really love what we have to show you. We drew inspiration from so many places, but here are just a few of the ideas we loved.

We fell in love with the bright contrasts and muted pastels  from this Tsumori Chisato image.

We couldn't help but become O-B-S-E-S-S-E-D with this bright—and sexy— Céline chartreuse!

We knew embracing fun textures was the only way to go.

And we decided to bring in lots of mid-century silhouettes and design ideas!

Now we know you're curious to see how Jess Bennett incorporated all these ideas into her home. Here are a few of the highlights.

For the front porch, Jessica made sure to include plenty of pretty Greenery and neutral colors to keep things looking natural.

In the entry way, she used plenty of the pastel colors you saw from our inspiration ideas! We love the pinks and the natural wood tones. The table echoes some of the mid-century silhouettes you saw above.

In the kitchen, she made sure to keep things bright and beautiful with lots of natural, contrasting colors.

With plenty of light in the space—and lots of fun textures—we think the kitchen is a delight!

Spring is such a happy and rejuvenating time, especially for decorating your home. We are so excited to bring the items you see in our photos to our store and online shop!

Happy spring shopping, everyone!

Runways to Rooms: Romantic Valentino

We love this romantic look in Valentino's spring collection. The pink is so dreamy, and we can't get over the subtle metallic hints in this dress! Here's how you can turn this look into the perfect bedroom!

Ingrid Bed

Julien Champagne Duvet

Shortwool Pillow

Gold Foil Pillow

Hampton Big Cream Pillow

Darlene End Table

Anderson Lamp

Dynasty Leaves & Blossom Ginger Jar (For a little splash of blue!)

Blush Emergence Art

And tie the room all together with the Constellation Vintage Rug!

Runways to Rooms: Dior Drama

Sometimes it's fun to play with a minimal amount of colors, like Christian Dior. This dramatic navy and black look will work perfectly your living room! Here's how we styled it.

We took our Janelle Sofa . . .

and paired it with the Haven Rug . . .

the Navy Stud Pillow . . .

the Gradient Stitch Pillow . . .

and the Ibiza Pillow.

We used the Oxford Coffee Table (because no living room is complete without a coffee table!) . . .

and added the Antwerp Floor Lamp for some light.


And last but not least, we used the fabulous Large Cutting Edge Mirror!

You can find all of these pieces in our Online Store!

Runways to Rooms: Rosie Assoulin Dining Room

We love all of Rosie Assoulin's looks for this spring, especially this sunny yellow ensemble. Here's how you can brighten up your dining area using this outfit as your inspo!

Monroe Dining Table

Brattle Road Side Chairs

Pompom Runner

Dauville Platters

Dauville Gold Coasters

Lorrain Blush Rug

Sorbet Hued Floral Orb Painting

And for the final dash of red, the Red Geordi Sculpture for the table!


Runways to Rooms: Luxurious Chanel

We're drooling over the newest looks from Chanel's spring 2017 collection! Check out how you can have this white look in your home.

Park Avenue Bed

Rayden Duvet Cover

Now fill that bed with the yummiest pillows and throws you can find!

Ivory Velvet Pillow

White Fur Pillow

Sequin Hair-On-Hide Pillow

Kora Pillow

Iced Mink Throw

Mongolian Lamb Rug

Finish your room off with the fluffiest rug you can find for a super luxurious Chanel-inspired bedroom!

Runways to Rooms: Thakoon's Book Nook

This week we are turning one of Thakoon Panichgul's spring designs into a reading corner. Here's what we chose from our store!


Fenton Bookcase.

Sirena Chair.

Ariana Side Table.

Ceramic Table Lamp.

Elixir Rug.

Amore Dipdye Pillow.

Troy Throw.

Tollmache Lidded Jars.

The only thing missing from this ultra cozy set up are your books!

(See more about Thakoon Panichgul's spring designs here.)

Runways to Rooms: A Valentino Valentine's

Don't you think this outfit serves as incredible inspiration for Valentine's gifts? (Hint, hint.) We think so, too! And all these items are available in the online store.

Serve up a romantic dinner on these Brush Stroke Plates.

Maybe you can even serve a divine dessert from the Chocolate book? (Because is it really Valentine's if there isn't any chocolate?)

Show your love with the Cartier Heart Strings wall hanging.

Set the mood with the Crisp Champagne Candle.

Treat yourself to Harper's Bazaar Greatest Hits and enjoy hours of fun reads.

And don't forget to spend some snuggly time with the luxurious Sable Throw.

For more Valentine's gift inspo, check out all of our Valentine's Gifts!

Living the Hygge Life

Are the cold winter months getting you down? We've got the remedy to the winter blues: making a hygge home! Hygge (pronounced hue-gah) is a Danish word that means finding genuine joy in making the ordinary things in life beautiful. In design lingo, it's all about turning your home into a personal cozy haven.

There's no one word in English to describe hygge, but here are a few that get close: coziness, contentedness, comfort, and simplicity. How perfect does that sound on a rainy or snowy day?

Here are some examples of hygge items for your home that you can find in our online store!

Fight the cold when you get up in the mornings and keep your toes warm with this extra soft Mongolian Lamb Rug. Maybe it will make waking up a little easier, even if that Alpaca Throw Blanket wants you to stay in bed!

This deliciously soft Sable Throw by Alice Lane will turn any living room or bedroom into the coziest place in your home.

The Hampton Cream Big Pillows are a perfect way to make your bed more comfortable than you've ever imagined. You'll never want to leave.


The Morris Lantern by Alice Lane will add the perfect amount of light and warmth to any room. It's the perfect remedy for the drab gray outside.

The Bourbon Vanille Candle from Alice Lane will make your house smell so yummy and throw in a pretty little sparkle.

Remember, there are so many ways to live the hygge life. Do whatever makes you feel cozy, and your home will become the perfect place to hide out from the cold!

Runways to Rooms: Tidy Tibi

This clean and simple look by Tibi would look so great in a bedroom! Here's how we did it.

We took our Connor Bed with it's simple lines and organic colors and paired it with...

Our Antwerp Coverlet to bring in that muted sea green color.

We chose the Marlow Matchstick Pedestal as a side table, echoing the model's hourglass figure.


We added the decorative Gold Nugget to match her earring and to add that little golden glow to the room. (And because who wouldn't want a gold nugget in their bedroom?)

The Eureka Task Lamp brings in a little bit of the runway with its concrete base and the lines of the model's zipper.

And lastly, we chose our Navy Wing Chair to tie the room together with its studded upholstery.

12 Days of Gifting

It's that time of year—to splurge on those you love. We've compiled a festive gift guide to aid you in your quest to gift just the right thing to everyone on your list (especially if that list includes you)!


On the first day of Christmas ... say yes to carbs.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

On the second day of Christmas ... cuddle up with pure merino wool.

On the third day of Christmas ... keep things fancy with gold-filled arches.

On the fourth day of Christmas ... make bon appétit a reality.

On the fifth day of Christmas ... wash up with lavender, jasmine or anise.

On the sixth day of Christmas ... pair this runner with your table for a match made in Heaven.

On the seventh day of Christmas ... say hello to our rainbow compacts, the perfect mate for touch-ups on the go.

[video width="360" height="640" mp4="https://alicelanehome.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/12/IMG_5671-copy.mp4"][/video]

On the eighth day of Christmas ... stash your beauty essentials in style.

On the ninth day of Christmas ... bookend your collection with rose quartz.

On the tenth day of Christmas ... add charm to your tabletop.

On the eleventh day of Christmas ... keep things classy with smoke glass decanters.

On the twelfth day of Christmas ... plop your roses in a new, marbleized garden.

Disclaimer to the happy shopper: Order items no later than December 10th to get them by Christmas.

Show N' Tell - Modern Glass House

Well, it's been a few weeks since we've posted here on the blog, and what better way to say hello again than to share one of our most recent projects. We actually wrapped this project up earlier this year, but it's been under wraps until it's recent debut in Utah Style & Design magazine's Fall issue. We were thrilled to have it featured there this month! But in case you missed it (or maybe you just want a another look!), we'll be revealing the whole project today on the blog. It's very rare when a husband and wife have the same exact taste and want the same exact things. This was not one of those rare moments! In fact, the homeowners of this warm contemporary home were quite the opposite in their styles. He wanted minimalist modern. She wanted classic and cozy. They entrusted us to help them find the perfect mix. And that we did! We used a warm walnut throughout the home to keep the rest of the homes stark cool tones in check. Large paneled walls brought depth and interest, but by reversing the moldings it gave it a contemporary spin. Little ying and yang tricks like this made it all possible!

glass-house-modern-entry-designed-by-alice-lane-home-collection_2 glass-house-modern-entry-designed-by-alice-lane-home-collection_3 glass-house-modern-entry-designed-by-alice-lane-home-collection_4

Thanks to the homes genius layout, the entire backside of the home is nearly floor to ceiling windows. And while the pictures don't do it justice, the view of the valley outback is amazing! We really want to highlight that feature and make sure our designs didn't obstruct that view. Upon entering the home you find yourself staring at a large open staircase. You can almost see right through those floating runs and open railing...refocusing you back on the incredible views.

glass-house-stairwell-designed-by-alice-lane-home-collection_1 glass-house-stairwell-designed-by-alice-lane-home-collection_3 glass-house-stairwell-designed-by-alice-lane-home-collection_2While we typically would say a home's entry sets the tone for the rest of the house, we must say this one gives you a bit of a surprise upon entering the living spaces. The real "wow" factor comes when you see the massive 20 foot wall of marble surrounding the asymmetrical fireplace. It's not until that moment that you reeeeally get it. We chose a combination of modern and classic silhouettes to furnish this space, giving you all the comfort and visual interest you could ask for.

glass-house-modern-family-room-designed-by-alice-lane-home-collection_2 glass-house-modern-family-room-designed-by-alice-lane-home-collection_1 glass-house-modern-family-room-designed-by-alice-lane-home-collection_5 glass-house-modern-family-room-designed-by-alice-lane-home-collection_4One of our favorite design features in the kitchen is how the oak hardwood floors ricochet off the kitchen island. It's a bit of an optical illusion really, but smart and well played. Again, we combined both modern and classic styles in the kitchen, with the grain-matched cabinets and the massive porcelain onyx hood surround. They just work so well together!

glass-house-modern-kitchen-designed-by-alice-lane-home-collection_4 glass-house-modern-kitchen-designed-by-alice-lane-home-collection_1 glass-house-modern-kitchen-designed-by-alice-lane-home-collection_2 glass-house-modern-kitchen-designed-by-alice-lane-home-collection_6 glass-house-modern-kitchen-designed-by-alice-lane-home-collection_7 glass-house-modern-kitchen-designed-by-alice-lane-home-collection_8 glass-house-modern-kitchen-designed-by-alice-lane-home-collection_5

The mural wall was a special request from our client. The wife is a photographer and has a love for abstract photography. We loved the idea of turning that wall into vortex or sorts...making that TV almost completely disappears!

glass-house-modern-dining-room-designed-by-alice-lane-home-collection_1 glass-house-modern-dining-room-designed-by-alice-lane-home-collection_2 glass-house-modern-dining-room-designed-by-alice-lane-home-collection_3

The master bedroom is definitely a slice of heaven. It's cool, crisp, and refreshing AND it's practically drowning in sunlight. So that's a win! We opted for simple window treatments here and throughout the home to once again highlight the views and minimize any obstructions. Don't be fooled by their simplicity though...each window is cased in walnut making them just as thoughtful and important.

glass-house-master-bedroom-designed-by-alice-lane-home-collection_2 glass-house-master-bedroom-designed-by-alice-lane-home-collection_1 glass-house-master-bedroom-designed-by-alice-lane-home-collection_3 glass-house-master-bedroom-designed-by-alice-lane-home-collection_4 glass-house-master-bedroom-designed-by-alice-lane-home-collection_6 glass-house-master-bedroom-designed-by-alice-lane-home-collection_7

Be sure to check out our online shop for many of our favorite pieces that we used throughout this home!


1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9

photos by Lindsay Salazar Photography

Show N' Tell - A Neutral Nursery

Usually the first thing we ask our clients when designing a nursery is, "Are you having a boy? Or a girl?". So when our dear friend and client Natalie Hill Jensen told us she wasn't going to find out we were floored! How do you not find out!? We soon realized though that this nursery would be a special retreat for the mamma, and regardless of what gender the baby was this space was really designed for her! We started by picking gender neutral furnishings and finishes that could later be pulled in either direction once the baby was born. After the arrival of sweet little Lucie, we threw in a few extra pink accessories that easily tipped the scales for the perfect little girls room! Neutral Nursery + Designed by Alice Lane Home Collection-2

Natalie had just a few requests for us, one of them being she wanted items that could easily transition from one phase of life to the next. She also wanted a hint of a moroccan flare, a rocking chair that would work with both her short petite frame and her husband 6'8" build, AND a place to display her growing collection of children's book.

Neutral Nursery + Designed by Alice Lane Home Collection-6

We selected this exquisite wood and bone inlay chest (our Everly Dresser) for the changing table. It's the perfect height and added that eclectic moroccan vibe she was looking for. We topped it off by adding some perfectly pink accessories where Natalie could stash her everyday baby essentials. Those blooms really gave this space a feminine touch!

Neutral Nursery + Designed by Alice Lane Home Collection-7 Neutral Nursery + Designed by Alice Lane Home Collection-5 Neutral Nursery + Designed by Alice Lane Home Collection-4

The rug played a major role in the design. It's subtle rainbow of blue and pink was exactly what we needed! It could easily go either way, by playing up the blues or choosing to enhance the pink. It was fun to see the pink really come to life once we added all the extra accessories into the room. And of course, another moroccan touch with that nude leather pouf!

Neutral Nursery + Designed by Alice Lane Home Collection-8 Neutral Nursery + Designed by Alice Lane Home Collection-14

We kept the walls their original greige and then painted the ceiling a pale blue/gray. It's the perfect "lid on top" to the whole design. And don't you just LOVE this chandelier. Natalie instantly fell in love with it because it reminded her of the dressing room lights from of her Broadway days in NYC.

Neutral Nursery + Designed by Alice Lane Home Collection-3

For this project, we reached out to our friends at Oilo Studio to help us find the perfect crib bedding. We selected their charcoal and gray linen bumper and Finn crib skirt because it was perfectly neutral! With the rug and the art already adding so much color and movement, we wanted the bedding to be soft and relaxing on the eyes. It's exactly what we needed.

Neutral Nursery + Designed by Alice Lane Home Collection-9 Neutral Nursery + Designed by Alice Lane Home Collection-11 Neutral Nursery + Designed by Alice Lane Home Collection-10

This wall of books really acts as a piece of art! Seriously...they make the cutest children's books these days, and Natalie owns all of them! This is definitely the happiest little corner in the whole room with its vibrant colors and playful imagery. It always works out so well when you incorporate everyday objects into design.

Neutral Nursery + Designed by Alice Lane Home Collection-12We're not sure what it is, but there's something extra special about working on miniature spaces for miniature humans that get's us all gooey inside. It was a real treat to work on this sweet little space for Natalie and baby Lucie, and we can't wait to see how it grows with her in time!


photos by nicole gerulat

Alice Lane Pick: Tibetan Fur Bench

The world is on a craze for Tibetan Fur, and we're no exception here at Alice Lane. We love it for a few reasons: it's beautiful, it's incredibly soft, and it's animal friendly. Cool fact: Tibetan fur is simply made from the long wool hair that is shaved off of Tibetan or Mongolian sheep when it comes time for a haircut. We love the natural curl of the wool and how it adds an incredible organic feel to any room. We've rounded up some of our favorite Tibetan fur benches (that you can now buy online!). With splayed wood legs and a Tibetan wool seat, our Otto bench is versatile as well as comfortable. It fits great in a bedroom, living room, or entry. Also available in a cube size, it fits perfectly under a console (a great trick for storing extra seating!) and is an aesthetically pleasing height. Tibetan Fur Otto CubeTibetan Fur Bench

The Bette ottoman really steps things up with it's sleek acrylic base. Seriously...does wool get any more glamorous?! We love to use this bench tucked under a vanity, or next to a buffet for extra seating. So tell us, what is your favorite Tibetan fur bench?

Alice Lane's Favorite Tibetan Fur Benches1. Bette Ottoman | 2. Otto Cube | 3. Otto Bench

Show N' Tell - Emily Jackson's Closet

As it turns out...we really love designing closets! Especially in the homes of high-end fashion bloggers such as Emily Jackson from The Ivory Lane. We've been working with Emily ever since she finished building her new home last year, when she asked us to help add all the finishing touches that would transform her house into a home. We started with her kitchen and dining area (see that post here) and then moved into one of the most important rooms in her house...the closet! When your job is to dress up in gorgeous clothes every day and take beautiful pictures, a well designed closet is a must! Emily had the bones of her closet in place, but felt it lacked that "fashion forward edge" that matched her own personal style. It's always fun to design for someone who's already so well immersed in fashion and design. It allows us to really push the envelope and be bold in our design choices. Luckily for us, Emily was all in and loved that we chose to enhanced her moody undertones into a full blown fashion-forward closet.

Emily Jackson's Closet + Design by Alice Lane Home-46

The new island is a major focal point in this design. Emily needed to the functionality of a large storage solution in her closet, but we made sure it packed just as much style as it did space. A-symmetrical drawers, mismatched hardware, vintage modern millwork, and the most gorgeous inset marble counter tops you ever did see! This baby is a show-stopper! Really, everything else sort of fell into place once we had the island design squared away.

Emily Jackson's Closet + Design by Alice Lane Home-16 Emily Jackson's Closet + Design by Alice Lane Home-24 Emily Jackson's Closet + Design by Alice Lane Home-20 Emily Jackson's Closet + Design by Alice Lane Home-1 Emily Jackson's Closet + Design by Alice Lane Home-3

Now...who wouldn't love a whole shoe wall! That is, as long as you have a few pair of Valentino heels to show off. We felt like this space needed to be more than just a place for Emily to stash her shoes...those puppies were practically begging for a little spotlight! We lined the backs of the shelves with some metallic cork wallpaper and now every shoe looks like it's on its own personal runway. Our Piper Stool was the perfect addition to this shoe corner. A place where Emily could quickly sit to put on her shoes and complete her outfit for the day. Just check out her Instagram feed...she really does use it!

Emily Jackson's Closet + Design by Alice Lane Home-23 Emily Jackson's Closet + Design by Alice Lane Home-42 Emily Jackson's Closet + Design by Alice Lane Home-43 Emily Jackson's Closet + Design by Alice Lane Home-2 Emily Jackson's Closet + Design by Alice Lane Home-32 Emily Jackson's Closet + Design by Alice Lane Home-38

Emily was so trusting of us, and that really makes the design process so much easier. Our creativity can just flow when there are no restrictions or hesitations, but it's always good to get a list of some "must haves" from our clients. For Emily, her "must haves" were privacy and a working space. Although that beautiful bay of large windows brings in the most gorgeous natural light (perfect for selfies), it also posed a little bit of a privacy issue. We had some custom designed roman shades made to fit inside each window. The marble-like veins on that fabric is our absolute favorite! As for the "working space"... it might seem odd to the rest of the world that you would put your office inside your closet, but when you're a fashion blogger it's practically perfect. In every way! We butted our Sofia Desk right up against those beautiful large windows, making it the perfect spot to work with a view.

Emily Jackson's Closet + Design by Alice Lane Home-44 Emily Jackson's Closet + Design by Alice Lane Home-28 Emily Jackson's Closet + Design by Alice Lane Home-34 Emily Jackson's Closet + Design by Alice Lane Home-37 Emily Jackson's Closet + Design by Alice Lane Home-29 Emily Jackson's Closet + Design by Alice Lane Home-39 Emily Jackson's Closet + Design by Alice Lane Home-8

Emily Jackson's Closet + Design by Alice Lane Home-53Emily Jackson's Closet + Design by Alice Lane Home-51We say it all the time, but pay day really comes when we see our clients living in and enjoying the spaces we design. With Emily, we get the chance to see it on the daily! We certainly hope you've enjoyed touring our latest closet design as well. Be sure to check out Emily's blog for more on this project and how she's utilizing her newly designed space. Also, be sure to check out our online shop where you can shop this entire collection!


photos by Lindsay Salazar