Black Makes a Room Young and Modern

black makes a room young and modern | alice lane home collection When starting a design project, we are most intrigued with a space that is new and unexpected. When we first met the Peterson’s that was exactly their request, and we were thrilled with the challenge. It’s not often that we get asked if it’s okay to envelope a room with lovely deep hues, but that was their request, and it was aboslutely brilliant in this space.

black grass cloth, gold mirror,

black grasscloth, orchid,

linen chairs, stained glass

The Peterson’s live in a historic area of Salt Lake City, Utah and have a charming home, complete with original doors, casings, and stained glass windows. They are a family full of personality so we wanted to keep the bones of this historic home while giving the space a younger more modern spin.  Their small family room is just off the kitchen, and the place where everyone gathers for games, movies, and to be together. Why bring black into such a small space? It makes the walls seem to dissolve, accentuating everything else.

zebra print ottoman, table lamp,

We painted out all the trim and fireplace in a beautiful black paint, added a shimmering black tile mosaic to the fireplace and papered the walls in a grasscloth with strands of blue, black, and brown. This created our base pallet, and as we layered in the furniture we chose lighter tones to bring balance and interest.

black grasscloth, wallpaper, stained glass, zebra print

We filled the room with items that had been cherished and collected. Sophia the squid lady was acquired on a trip to Spain, and this painting took center stage on the mantel. Original art, books, and pieces acquired on travels mixed in throughout the room complete the last layer.

I’m so happy to have gotten to know the Peterson’s and their lovely home!

natalie | alice lane home collection


[photos by Eliesa Findeis]