Changing Art With The Seasons

Over the past few years or so you've probably managed to acquire quite the collection of home decor specific to every season and holiday. Spring to winter, Easter to've got your bases covered. Let's be honest though, sometimes you just don't want to drag out the bins of decorations from storage, unpack everything, and rearrange your whole home just to do it all over again in a month or so. What a pain! Instead, start by simply changing up the art in your home to pieces that highlight each season. And no...we don't mean hanging pictures of bunnies and Easter eggs on your walls (although that might just be your thing). Instead, find subtle pieces that you can leave up all season long. Sticking with the color scheme of each season is a great place to start.



Pieces that incorporate elements of nature are a great way to bring the feeling of the seasons into your home. Try it for yourself this spring, you might just end up leaving your bunny decorations in storage for good!