Art-ful Selections

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and that is especially true when it comes to art.  A piece of art needs to speak to you in some way for you to want to hang it on your wall and look at it every day.  That can be intimidating.  Because it is very personal, “rules” for selecting art can be tricky. However, there are some helpful guidelines that can take the anxiety out of the process and turn your space from drab to fab! ART1

A safe rule of thumb is to choose art that is approximately two-thirds to three-fourths the size of the wall space you have, going slightly larger in more contemporary homes and slightly smaller for a more traditional feel. Also consider the shape of the wall space you have- is it a tall and narrow wall perfect for two narrow pieces of art on top of each other, or a wide wall that is screaming for a landscape?  Use the wall shape as your guide and then let your eyes and heart lead the way,


Be Daring!  A common faux pas is selecting art that is it too small, this often gets lost and/or shrinks the space.  Oversized art makes a space feel bold and is a wonderful jumping off point, becoming the inspiration that helps pull the rest of the room together.  Larger art in a smaller area can give the space a sense of grandeur and help your space feel larger than it actually is. When it comes to art, often bigger really is better!


An ideal solution for a large area is to create a gallery wall where you mix and match art sizes and mediums. This is a fun way to display smaller pieces of art, or art you have collected over time from travels and explorations that have sentimental value.  This will give your home a more layered feel and create a space that feels unique to you.


Now for my favorite tip - all art at Alice Lane is 20% off through the end of the month!  So come on down and have one of our amazing stylists help you find the perfect piece of art to complete your space! Happy hunting!

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