Closet Styling Tips & Tricks

In our recent reveal of Cara Loren's fashion-forward closet (check it out here if you missed it!) I shared some tips on how we made her closet work perfectly for her. While you may not have the same luxury of converting an entire 11' x 11' room into your own personal closet, there are a few styling tricks you can do to help make your closet look just as fabulous! First things first...organize! A closet can look pretty blasé when it's crammed full of nothing but clothes, shoes, and accessories. I know, I know...where else are you supposed to put it all!? Start by sorting through your pieces and putting like things together. Whether you sort by colors or styles, grouping like things together gives your closet a more cohesive look! If you're really shy on space, a great trick is to switch out your clothes seasonally and put those bulky winter items away in storage for a few months.

Alice Lane Cara Loren Closet9394 that you're organized, the real fun can begin! Even if you have the most beautiful clothes in the world, it's the accessorizing that makes or breaks a closet. My first tip -- use coffee table fashion books! They're perfect to lay flat and stack shoes on top of, lean them against a shelf wall, or push them to the back so everything in front can support that look. A beautiful book cover with interesting photography can make any of your shoes or purses seem like runway fashion!

Alice Lane Cara Loren Closet9507

Alice Lane Cara Loren Closet9506

Next, pull in sculptural objects to give your eye somewhere to rest in between all the purses and shoes. Objects don't take up a lot of space, but they complete the look. You can even make them useful by draping necklaces or hats on them.

Alice Lane Cara Loren Closet9504 Alice Lane Cara Loren Closet9520

Trays are by far the most beautiful and functional way to group small collections of lipsticks, jewelry, or clutches together. Everything looks less random when it's housed in a beautiful way.

Alice Lane Cara Loren Closet9461

Alice Lane Cara Loren Closet9512

Alice Lane Cara Loren Closet9463

A favorite trick of mine when styling any type of shelving is to push a piece of art or photography against the back wall (or cubby in the case of your closet). It gives your eye something to read and makes everything up front look dressed up.

Alice Lane Cara Loren Closet9533

If you have windows in your closet...don't forget window treatments! Window treatments can help stabilize your space. Go all out with a bold and fashionable print like we did for Cara. Whatever you do, make it you!

Alice Lane Cara Loren Closet9500

Now you know all the tips and tricks! Have fun styling your closet like you would any of your daily outfits! Who knows, maybe afterward you'll even feel inspired to start your own fashion blog!

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 Photo Credit: Nicole Gerulat