Coffee Table Considerations

A wise design professor once told me, “Every sofa longs for a coffee table!” So, when deliberating over this important piece, here are a few things to consider to make sure your table works for you. What is your room missing?

A coffee table can be an excellent piece to help fill any voids in your room. Not just with space, but with style as well. If you have sensible sofas and chairs, try bringing in a little glam through your coffee table! Check out this star: The Melrose Table! The combination of acrylic, stainless steel, and glass is edgy, lovely, and trans-formative. They work together to give the space a heartbeat!


How much space do you have?

Aim for about 20” between the edge of your sofa and the table. A very large room might even benefit from two (yes, two!) coffee tables in one area. Also consider the flow of your room so your coffee table doesn't interfere with any of the main passageways.


How is the room used?

Consider how the coffee table will be treated. Will it serve as extra storage? As an ottoman? Do you have kids that will easily bump into the edges? Or will it be used in a more formal setting? Stepping away from the traditional glass or fine-finished wood coffee tables is an excellent way to add functionality. This Gent, for example, is handsome to look at and also practical, should you need a place for your toes to perch.


How will I dress my coffee table?

Knowing what you plan to put on your coffee table makes all the difference for selecting the right one. I love to keep a tray on the table where any useful items or décor can live. Remotes can be tucked away in a glamorous box. Keep a few interesting books for your guests to flip through. Work in something organic! (A floral, greenery, etc.).


Most of all, your coffee table should provide functionality and suit your own personal style and aesthetic. If you're unsure what that is, come stop by Alice Lane for some inspiration. Right now during our Very Best Sale you can get 20% off all coffee tables.

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