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I couldn't agree with Mariette Himes Gomez more when she said, "Collecting is an impulse deeply embedded in the human psyche, and the secret of making your treasures look interesting is all in the art of display." Collections can really define you and give your home a strong sense of character. It's the ability of turning ordinary objects into a gallery of your travels and a glimpse into what inspires you!

[photo from Country Living]

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I once had a client who collected pewter and had it scattered all about her house. Although charming as individual items, when grouped together it told a fantastic story as the teapots, saucers, spoons, and chargers gathered atop a sideboard in her dining room and became a collection!

[photos from travels to Market]

If you collect plates, display them vertically on a wall or flanking a mirror. If you collect maps and globes arrange them in a way that you can compare different territories and how they have evolved over time. Quantity is an amazing tool when decorating your home. The eye loves repetition and this is when common objects can truly become artful medleys!

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Keep in mind the most interesting collections usually happen gradually, so there is no need to go out and get it all at once. When you are traveling or even shopping with your favorite people, pick up something to remember the outing by. I love looking around my house and seeing pieces that evoke and memory and your guests will appreciate the interesting voyage your home becomes as they admire your collections!

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