Rare Finds and One-of-a-Kinds

We like to pride ourselves on searching far and wide for the most interesting finds to make for an inspired home. One of our tricks is having Kandi James scout for antiques all summer long while she is staying at her summer home away from home and beyond...

Here are a few of her rare finds that are available now at Alice Lane. And once they're gone... they're gone. You can't duplicate an antique or the amount of patina it's accrued over the years and years of use and age. They just don't make 'em like they used to. Charming!

We have suitcases, reel-to-reel projectors, cameras, an old typewriter, binoculars, books, shoe forms, silver tea pots and pitchers, old school bells, and architectural elements like corbels, columns, gables, we even had an old mantle!

[photos by Ashlee Raubach]

It's the vintage character paired with new updated styles that make great spaces impossible to duplicate and can give your home style and substance!