Color in the Kitchen

Last week we were tickled pink to see the kitchen of our Lakeside Loft project spotlighted on as an unexpected way to add color to your kitchen (check out the full article online here if you missed it!). Of course, we're all for adding color in unexpected ways, and these indigo kitchen cabinets are just one example of that. So, we thought we'd do our own take on 5 Ways to Add Color to Your Kitchen...

While we love a white kitchen as much as anyone, it's nice to see a kitchen that has a little color! Here we opted to paint all the bottom cabinets an indigo blue (Indigo Batik by Sherwin Williams to be exact). It's a fun contrast to the white cabinets and white subway tile above, and definitely eye catching!

Suzannehallhome Meikel Reece _143-2 Here we painted this cupboard a country green and it's just the right amount of color in this little kitchenette. If you want to keep your cabinets a classic white, consider painting a cupboard, sideboard, or pantry door instead. This colorful barn door not only adds architectural interest, but gives the kitchen personality!


If you're not quite ready to make the plunge into painting cabinets, try lining your cabinets with a paper or fabric for a fun pop of color. Here we lined the backs of these glass cabinets with an orange grass-cloth paper in a trellis print. All of the sudden those white dishes just pop! As a bonus, it can make even the simplest of cabinets look expensive and custom.


A colored back splash is a great way to add color in an otherwise neutral kitchen. If you're looking for a way to set your kitchen apart from all the other white kitchens out there, find a unique tile that speaks to who you are. As a tip, try taking the tile all the way up the wall where allowed. It will intensify the color and make your kitchen look grandeur.

If you're looking for a quick fix, try incorporating colorful dishes, food, and accessories. They can transform your colorless kitchen into something entirely new. We love to fill jars and bowls with fresh fruits and vegetables (which just so happens to be incredibly convenient to do in a kitchen), and fill shelves with cookbooks. It's appropriate, practical, and colorful!