Creating Outdoor Living Spaces

It is almost that time… time to begin spending every extra moment outdoors! This also means that it’s time to start thinking about that outdoor furniture you’ve always wanted. Transform your outdoor living space into something both beautiful and functional with just a few pieces. No idea where to start? Here are a few tips to get you started! 1

IT'S ALL ABOUT THE ZONES Designing outdoor areas revolve around how you are going to use the space. First decide what functions are most important to you, then zone your space into smaller areas for each. These spaces could include lounge areas, dining areas, open space for playing catch, or raised garden beds - just to name a few. Selecting some simple pieces on an empty balcony, or locating a dining area in an unexpected place, are easy ways to make the those warm summer nights more enjoyable.



GO BIG After all, you have the space, so why not use it? Open spaces outside usually create a unique opportunity to bring larger than life moments to your home. Fill your empty areas with large pieces of greenery, deep and comfortable lounge furniture, and open architectural moments. Don’t forget to include lighting for a completed look.


ADD SOME PERSONALITY As always, adding your personality is the best final touch. Outdoor furniture is anything but boring these days. There are endless shapes, textures and fabrics that also happen to be durable and resistant to harsh outdoor elements. Find the perfect pieces for you – pieces that extend your beautiful home into the great outdoors.

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[picture source: architectural digest]